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Portrait photography is a form of storytelling, using light, focus and composition to depict an enduring moment in time.  The ultimate goal is to capture the essence of the subject, not merely a picture of them.  Anyone can snap a shutter and capture an image, we capture what the person is about and so much more.

If you're looking for beautiful and professionally done photography, then look no further than

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The Photo Shoot

The photo shoot is an opportunity for you to shine.  Below are some tips for how to make this an amazing experience that will yield picture perfect results!

We recommend bringing 3 more outfits than your scheduled number of changes.  The most important thing is to bring a variety of colors, textures and styles (i.e. long-sleeve, short-sleeve, jackets, dressy, casual, etc.).  This will allow us to help you choose the outfits that will photograph the best. 

Our first recommendation would be to wear the colors that you feel good in.  Bright, vibrant colors like reds, blues, greens all photograph well.   The second most important thing is variety.  If you have chosen a session that calls for outfit changes, be sure to bring tops that are a variety of colors.   

Personalize It!
We want to give you as many interesting pictures as possible and would encourage you to bring anything that is unique to you.  Sporting gear, uniforms, instruments, formal outfits, hobby equipment, props ... when you put creativity into preparing for your photo shoot, we are able to capture the essence of YOU!

Things to Avoid
It's a good idea to avoid any outfits that you don't love the way you look in.

Additional Questions
If you have any questions regarding your outfits for your Senior Snap Session, please contact us and we would be happy answer any additional questions that you may have with you!

*Please remember that our pictures are taken exclusively in outdoor settings.  In order to provide you with the most striking images and the greatest selection possible, if the weather is not condusive to getting the most out of your session, we will have to reschedule for another time in order to give you the best results possible!

*Please note that the session fee must be paid at time of session. This does not include final print prices.